Game Talks 50 Cent Beef on’Behind The Music’ Episode

Game ** and 50 Cent **’s rap
beef, which began in 2005, still
“haunts” Game’s career.
On VH1’s “Behind the Music:
Game,” premiering tonight (March
22) at 9 p.m. ET, the rapper goes
into depth of how the rivalry
unraveled after 50 Cent claimed to
have written his songs.
“50 didn’t write my songs, that’s
just his ego rising above the team
aspect of what Aftermath was all
about,” Game says. “I could easily
say, ‘Yo, I wrote this song on “Get
Rich or Die Tryin'” it was a team
Game continues to explain how
his anger towards 50 Cent and G-
Unit turned into a movement.
“”300 Bars,” when I wrote that I
was angry I wanted G-Unit to die
as a brand, a record label, a
group… There was a bar that said
‘you sell records but a G-G-G you
not.’ And all it was, was a
metaphor. I didn’t know what I
created. Next thing I know fans
started yelling G-G-G U NOT!
[They] started making T-shirts
and the movement it got bigger
than me.”
Check out a sneak peek at
tonight’s ‘Behind the Music’
episode, starring Game.
Earlier in the month, Game told that he’s already
working on new music. He’s
currently working on his fifth
studio album, “FIVE: Fear Is
Victory’s Evolution,” and is set to
release his mixtape, “California
Republic,” by the end of the
month. While in the studio, Game
continues to promote his recent
album, “R.E.D. Album.” Yesterday
(March 21), Game debuted his
video for the Kendrick Lamar **
assisted, “The City,” on [ LINK].


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