Usher to Play Sugar Ray Leonardin ‘Hands of Stone’

Usher ** has announced that he
will be playing Sugar Ray Leonard
alongside Robert De Niro and Gael
Garcia Bernal in an upcoming
boxing biopic called “Hands of
“I’m actually in preparation for a
very incredible role,” the R&B star
told BBC [ LINK]. “I’m in
preparation later this year to play
the role of Sugar Ray Leonard in a
boxing film and it’s going to be
He has been in London recently,
finishing up his album and in the
ring training for the film, which
focuses on the life of Panamanian
boxer Roberto Durán. “This is
going to be an incredible movie —
in time an incredible story — and
I’m really looking forward to
that,” Usher said.
This won’t be Usher’s first
appearance on the silver screen —
the “Confessions” singer has also
acted since the ’90s, most
recently in the Ashton Kutcher-
Katherine Heigl romantic comedy
De Niro is cast in the boxing
project as famed trainer Ray Arcell
and actor/director Gael Bernal will
star as Durán.


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