AngelinaJolie — IDidn’t PayAnyAttentionto ‘Jolieing’

Even though her Oscar night
pose spawned its own photo
trend and even its own
Twitter handle … Angelina
Jolie says she didn’t pay any
mind to the craze known as
“Jolieing.”The woman with
the most famous right leg in
Hollywood tells the Huffington
Post she ignored all the press
following her red carpet
appearance. She told HuffPo,
“I honestly didn’t pay
attention to it. You know
what I mean? I don’t watch
those TV shows and if I go
online and see something
about myself, I don’t click on
it. And the people I surround
myself with don’t really talk
about that kind of stuff … I
heard something, but I didn’t
pay any attention.”First we’re
supposed to believe she just
struck the pose naturally
(we’re sticking with our
theory that she did it on a bet
— someone told her they’d
donate money to a children’s
charity if she stuck her leg
out) … and now we’re
supposed to believe she
didn’t relish the attention?
More people bought tickets to
“The Tourist” than believed
her story.


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