The Eye

pissing on my pistols

During the Africa trip, on an evening game drive in Zambia, driving along in an open Land Rover, we come across three lionesses huddled over a fresh zebra kill. Our guide says, “We’ll come back later.‛

An hour passes, where we see elephants, giraffe and other creatures. But my mind kept going back to the zebra kill. When we finally circle back we see several hyenas skulking around the kill waiting for a chance to snatch up the leavings. Two of the lionesses were on their sides, resting after the meal. Then I saw the zebra’s body move in a hollow way and I realized the third lioness had its head and shoulders inside the carcass.

Then I saw something that epitomized the contract between the spirit and the flesh – the lioness’ huge eye peered out at me from the asshole of the zebra.


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