Richards apologizes to fellowRolling Stone Jagger

Stones guitarist Keith Richards
has apologized to Mick Jagger
for derogatory comments he
made about the lead singer in
his 2010 memoir “Life”, which
caused a rift within the band.
In comments reported by Rolling
Stone magazine, the two
rock’n’roll veterans agreed it
was time to move on.
Fans will be relieved to see them
burying the hatchet, as the row
had threatened to undermine
plans to celebrate the Rolling
Stones’ 50th anniversary this
year and to go on another world
“Looking back at any career you
are bound to recall both the
highs and the lows,” Jagger was
quoted as saying. “In the 1980s
for instance Keith and I were not
communicating very well.
“I got very involved with the
business side of the Stones,
mainly because I felt no one else
was interested, but it’s plain
now from the book that Keith
felt excluded, which is a pity.
Time I reckon to move on.”
Richards added: “Mick’s right. He
and I have had conversations
over the last year of a kind we
have not had for an extremely
long time and that has been
incredibly important to me.
“As far as the book goes, it was
my story and it was very raw, as
I meant it to be, but I know that
some parts of it and some of the
publicity really offended Mick
and I regret that.”
An eagerly anticipated world
tour by one of the world’s
biggest music acts is now not
expected to happen until 2013
at the earliest, according to the
same magazine.
Some industry sources had put
the delay down to the argument
between Richards and Jagger,
but Rolling Stone said it may be
more closely linked to concerns
over Richards’ health.
“The quality of the guitarist’s
performances declined after he
suffered a head injury on
vacation in Fiji in April 2006,
midway through the Bigger
Bang tour,” the magazine said.
As well as the tour, the Rolling
Stones have announced the July
12 release of a picture book
tracing their rise to global fame.
The band debuted at the
Marquee Club in London’s
Oxford Street on the same date
in 1962.
There will also be a
“groundbreaking” documentary
film released in September.


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