Nas –Uncle SamIsGarnishingHis Wages

The next time you buy a Nas
album, you’re really just
handing your money over to
the government — because
the rapper’s delinquent tax
filings have caused Uncle Sam
to begin garnishing his
wages … TMZ has learned. As
TMZ first reported, Nas is in
tax debt up to his eyeballs … if
you his eyeballs were $
6,000,000 tall. So the
government has finally tired
of waiting for Nas to pay up,
so they filed documents in the
state of Georgia to have his
wages garnished — via the
music publishing
organizations BMI and ASCAP
— until the debt is paid off. So
if you like Nas, but hate
the government … perhaps
you’ll want to find an
alternative way to listen to his


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