ScanFLX makes mobile Netflix disc management a snap


Twice as many Netflix customers are streaming vs having discs mailed to them, but that doesn’t mean it should be difficult to manage a Netflix(s nflx) disc queue. ScanFLX, a nifty new $0.99 iOS app, makes it easier to add titles to your list of DVDs or Blu-Ray movies by using the camera on your device. Simply scan the barcode of a movie and with one tap, the title is added to your Netflix queue.

GottaBeMobile found the new app earlier today and says the $0.99 is a launch promotion. The iOS(s aapl) software is slated to sell for $1.99 at some future point. Even at two bucks, I think it’s well worth it, provided you still subscribe to Netflix for the physical discs.

The convenience really comes from wandering around the movie aisles at Target (s tgt), WalMart(s wmf), Best Buy(s bbuy) or wherever DVDs and Blu-Ray…

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