The biggest obstacle to embracing big data? You.


The technological hurdles to embracing big data are well-known at this point — McKinsey & Co. predicted a shortage of nearly 200,000 skilled data analysts by 2018 — but an even bigger obstacle to achieving analytics nirvana might be overcoming a strong anti-data corporate culture. It’s easy to grasp the value of adopting big data techniques, but the changes required to listen to the data and, possibly, to transform a company’s business model take a little more work.

Like killing cockroaches when the light turns on

Companies experience two big problems when they make the move to big data, ClickFox founder and CEO Marco Pacelli told me recently. The biggest problem might be learning to trust the data and act on it rather than operating based on a gut feeling from upper management. When the data starts exposing all of a company’s operational flaws, good executives need to acknowledge them and then…

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