With Sony, Chromebooks May Get New Blood


Google’s Chromebooks have fallen off the radar lately, but they may soon get new life with Sony hardware and an updated interface.

As Laptop Reviews reports, photos and specs of a Sony Chromebook have appeared on the Federal Communications Commission website. Like other Chromebooks, Sony’s laptop omits the caps lock key in favor of a dedicated search button on the keyboard. A user manual describes the operating system as “Chrome OS,” eliminating any doubt that this might be a Windows-based machine.

(MORE:Why Chrome OS is Still a Big Lie)

Because one of the photos lists the processor as a “T25,” Laptop Reviews speculates that Sony’s Chromebook runs on an Nvidia Tegra 250 T25 processor. To date, Chromebooks have only used Atom chips by Intel, but an ARM-based processor, such as Nvidia’s Tegra, could allow for longer battery life. (Today’s smartphones and tablets are almost entirely based…

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