After Slow Start, Odd Future Put on High Energy Show

The Highlighter

by Dania Duran

On the same day of their second album release, Odd Future took over Hammerstein Ballroom for one night full of their brand of insanity. After a 90-minute delay and a full-length preview of “Loiter Squad,” their new show on Adult Swim, the concert got off to a rough start as microphone problems plagued the stage and became a sad theme of the show.

Still, those problems didn’t stop the Wolf Gang from dialing up the energy that really brought the night back around. Starting off with a couple of verses from Mellowhype (a collaboration between Left Brain and Hodgy Beats) and a few songs from Tyler’s newest album “Goblin”, the crowd didn’t really respond until OF broke out into “Rella,” their newest single. A combination of verses from Hodgy, Domo Genesis, and Tyler, “Rella’s” bombards you with verses like “Heard she sweet, she Hershey’s sweet but me…

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