Bootstrapped Is Better? Smugmug’s Camera Awesome Crosses 4M Downloads, Adds Instagram Support


Here’s a tale of two photo apps. One has 27 million users after a year and a half, and comes from a company with 13 employees and $7.5 million in venture funding. But there’s nary a revenue model in sight.

The other app is smaller with just over 4 million users in less than a month. But it’s packed with in-app purchases of filters. Plus, the company behind it is totally bootstrapped and has enough revenue to profitably support a headcount of 100 employees.

Nothing illustrates how varied the path to success in the app store is more than these two. They’re Instagram and Camera Awesome.

So it’s fitting that Camera Awesome’s maker Smugmug is sending an update to the app store today that links the two and lets users publish to Instagram.

Smugmug’s chief executive Don MacAskill said Instagram support was the feature most requested from…

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