In Europe the internet is free — except when it’s not

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Should the web be censored to protect individual privacy? What about to protect society at large? In America the answer is usually very simple: free speech trumps all. But the situation in Europe is far more complex, as two examples in the news right now show.

David Cameron by World Economic ForumOn Tuesday a British parliamentary committee published its report into whether the nation’s privacy laws are fit and proper.

The joint House of Commons and Lords science and technology committee — a ragtag group that mixed titled engineers and researchers with a handful of career politicians looking to score political points — made a number of recommendations about the law and regulation relating to privacy, spinning off a series of recent cases including the case of fidelity-challenged sports star Ryan Giggs.

But the group saved its real zingers for a response to testimony from Google (s:GOOG), Facebook and Twitter executives, who had argued…

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