Can an Energy Drink Really Make You a Better Gamer?


Warning: Part of this story may resemble an advertorial, because when I first bumped into it passing by AllThingsD, that’s what it read like to me. The idea’s that there’s a new energy drink called GungHo (hey, at least it’s not called “Banzai!”) that’ll make you a better gamer. Better, that is, than the sort of gamer you might otherwise be tossing back a Red Bull or Lucozade.

The claim: Traditional energy drinks make you jittery and cause post-buzz crashes, while upstart GungHo claims it’s “the solution,” and pulls in a former Harvard professor and a University of Utah study to make its case.

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According to GungHo, a study at the University of Utah found that greater than 50% of gamers “are not satisfied with current energy shots and drinks” (thus endeth the “study”…

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