City inside workers vote on new contract, could strike if city imposes it against their wishes

National Post | News

By Natalie Alcoba and Kristin Annable

Even if they reject the contract offer before them, the city’s inside workers will not walk off the job on Thursday, union president Tim Maguire promised. But he still took the opportunity Wednesday to crank up the rhetoric as 23,000 workers filed into voting stations across the city.

Mr. Maguire said CUPE Local 79 members have been under “extreme pressure” to accept the final proposal, knowing that there is a very “real possibility” the city will impose the new terms anyway, possibly triggering a strike.

“They’re disheartened that the Ford administration, which as we know has been attacking public services by cutting them and contracting out services, would then bring that agenda to the bargaining table to the brink, to the brink of imposing terms and conditions of employment,” said Mr. Maguire.

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