CNBC: Half of American Households Have Drunk the Apple Kool-Aid


Certain people who dislike Apple products still reflexively refer to people who do like them as mindless, Kool-Aid-guzzling cultists. They’re entitled to their opinion. But the whole notion of the average Apple fan being a nutty fetishist feels like a throwback to the era when the company was on the ropes and its customer base was tiny. And a new CNBC survey says that half of American households now contain at least one Apple product.

In other words, watch out, Apple unbelievers: you may soon be outnumbered.

CNBC’s All America Economic Survey 2012, which polled 836 Americans, found that half of them live in a home with a Mac, an iPhone, an iPod or an iPad. Actually, it found that the average household has 1.6 Apple products, which makes me feel sad for whoever’s stuck with using 60% of an iPhone. Out here in the west, CNBC’s respondents own an…

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