Get Ready for Year Round Skiing

Ski Bums

British Columbia’s minister of forests, lands, and natural resources recently announced the approval for a new ski area that will offer skiing throughout the year.  This endorsement comes after years of protests by environmental groups worried that local moose, caribou and grizzly bears might not like the intrusion on their habitat.

The resort will be built on Farnham Glacier in eastern British Columbia, otherwise known as Jumbo Valley.  It is located in the Kootenay region west of Invermere.  It is relatively near Revelstoke Ski Resort and closer to Calgary than to Vancouver.   The proposed ski area is called the Jumbo Glacier Ski Resort.  Because it is on an actual glacier, it will become the only ski area in North America to offer skiing the entire year.

The area was chosen for its optimal snow conditions, high elevations, large glaciers, and accessibility.  In the winter the ski area will offer 5,627…

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