Hurt, Romney try to fix a non-existent problem with anti-regulatory fervor

VIVIAN J. PAIGE | All Politics is Local

This is a story in two parts: One part is a Republican candidate for the nomination of the GOP. The other part is my representative, Congressman Robert Hurt. I’ll get to how they are both on the same page in a minute.

It is also a story of two parts, in that I stumbled over information on Rep. Hurt’s website. Some time later I saw a fact checking page, fully sourced, that was about this same information.

Both Mitt Romney and Robert Hurt are very concerned about ‘over-regulating’ America. I saw on Rep. Hurt’s website that he introduced a bill that prevents the EPA from enforcing rules the EPA says doesn’t exist. (Farm dust)

The recent fact-checking page (Attack Watch) addressed this same problem that doesn’t exist:

Regulators are always on the prowl. Under President Obama, they are multiplying like proverbial rabbits … a regulator would have shut down the…

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