Strapped for cash and under pressure to quit, Gingrich resorts to charging supporters $50 for photos

National Post | News

By Sheldon Alberts
Postmedia News Washington Correspondent

WASHINGTON — This is surely not how Newt Gingrich hoped it would end.

With his presidential campaign nearly broke and Republican voters abandoning him in droves, the former U.S. House Speaker has laid off staff, cut back his travel schedule and — as a final indignity — been reduced to charging supporters $50 to be photographed with him.

But even as the bad news accumulates, Gingrich on Wednesday insisted he won’t quit the presidential race unless or until front-runner Mitt Romney accumulates the 1,144 delegates needed to clinch the nomination.


“We’re staying in. That is exactly why we are downsizing,” Gingrich told radio station WTOP in Washington, where he was campaigning ahead of the District of Columbia’s primary on Tuesday.

“You have to respond to reality. We had cash flow shorter than we would like it to be. So we’re doing the…

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