Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – March 28, 2012

Bill Mullins' Weblog - Tech Thoughts

Top 20 Mobile Web Sites and Services – Apps, schmaps. Who needs to download anything when these mobile sites and services offer fast information and entertainment right in your mobile browser?

Facebook Profile Viewer rogue application spreads on social network – A rogue application which claims to allow you to see who has viewed your Facebook profile is spreading between accounts on the popular social network.

Bishop claims the Bible can help with password security – A British Bishop claims that the Bible can provide invaluable support.. for those who want to use a better password online. The Bishop of Rochester in Kent, is urging his congregation this Easter to use Bible quotations to help them remember their website passwords.

If Desktop Linux Is Dead, Someone Had Better Tell All Those Users – It’s hard to take seriously assertions of Linux’s desktop ‘death’ when usage is growing around the globe.

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