Afrojack, Shakira Hit the Studio:’She’s Feeling It’

Afrojack ** won’t lie: Shakira ** is
a “really nice” person and a big
fan of dance music. Good thing
they’re collaborating.
Ultra Recaps: DAY 1 | 2 | 3
“I’ve been in the studio now a
couple times with Shakira,” he
told Billboard’s Kerri Mason over
the weekend at Ultra Music
Festival in Miami. “She’s really nice
and that’s why we started
working together. She has a
unique voice and really loves the
new dance thing. Like when a
beat drops, she makes this like…
face. She’s feeling it.”
Afrojack wouldn’t divulge the
exact nature of the recording
sessions or whether they’ll
produce songs for her next
album. “I never want to put a
name tag on something. I wanna
just see what happens, but
probably. We’ll see,” he said.
In December, the “Hips Don’t Lie”
star TOLD BILLBOARD that she
was eager to get back in the
studio. “I’m working with
different producers and DJs, and I
try to feed off from that and find
new sources of inspiration and
new musical motivation,” she
said. “I’m anxious to return to the
studio. My body is asking for it.”
The “Take Over Control” DJ (born
Nick van de Wall) will also keep
busy this year, including his first
official tour of America and a spot
at the Electric Day NYC festival in
He played a massive set at Ultra
on Saturday, inviting a few of his
most high-profile friends to share
the booth with him during his
headlining gig at South Beach
Superclub Mansion. By 2 a.m.,
David Guetta, Steve Aoki and
Laidback Luke were taking turns
dropping their hits for a packed
crowd of models, other artists
and industry folk, as well as
Afrojack’s girlfriend Paris Hilton.
“It was all one big insane party,”
he told us.


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