Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Popped Corn

Have you ever seen a bad movie (bad I mean cowboys and aliens bad) by Wes Anderson? I have not my friends, and Fantastic Mr. Fox isn’t it, we have a serious comedy in our hands, a book to movie done well.

The character voices were top class, it doesn’t happen too often, I remember an animated film about a shark… never mind!

This animation is so grown up and yet, so childish that gives you that unexpected balance were adventure and action are in perfect synchronization, so much fun to watch.

The plot is very clever too, A wild one, having fun, doing things his own way,the way he knows best, until reality and responsibility come crashing in, the story of our lives AND the story of Mr. Fox.

But when Mr. Fox decides that his old self has been hidden for too long, he reeks havoc to something I…

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