Google updates Android on Nexus phones, Xoom tablets


UpdatedGoogle is in the process of rolling out Android 4.0.4, the latest version of its mobile platform, to several devices. The GSM models of the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S handsets as well as Motorola’s(s mmi) Wi-Fi Xoom tablet will all see the software delivered over the air as a result. Google(s goog) says it will “be rolling it out to more devices in the coming weeks.”

For Galaxy Nexus owners, the update is marginal because these devices have been running Android 4.0 since they launched. Faster screen rotation and and improved camera interface are likely the only noticeable changes. But for those that own a Nexus S phone or Xoom tablet, this will be the first taste of the software known as Ice Cream Sandwich. (Update: As noted by some astute commenters below, the CDMA/LTE versions of these devices don’t have ICS; the GSM…

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