Happy Birthday Lady Gaga: 26Gift Ideas From Fans

Stefani Germanotta, better known
as the international pop superstar
Lady Gaga **, is celebrating her
26th birthday on Wednesday
(Mar. 28), and her 25th year was
a big one. In the past 365 days,
the singer released her long-
awaited “Born This Way” album,
which sold over 1 million copies
in its first week; released a
handful of hit singles, including
“The Edge of Glory,” “Marry The
Night” and “You and I”; scored an
Album of the Year Grammy nod
for the album; launched the Born
This Way youth foundation; and
prepared for the massive Born
This Way Ball tour, which will kick
off overseas this summer.
So what kind of birthday gift do
you get the girl who has already
accomplished so much? We asked
the Little Monsters via Twitter ( @
BILLBOARD) for some ideal
birthday presents for Lady Gaga
using the hashtag #giftsforgaga
[ LINK]. Check out some of the
coolest, funniest and most
outrageous responses below:
@ billboard [LINK] #giftsforgaga
[LINK] the perfect gift for her
would be to legalizegay marriage
around the world 🙂
gagaxluv) March 28, 2012 [ LINK]
A copy of MDNA. #giftsforgaga
[ LINK] RT @ billboard [LINK]:
What would you get @ LadyGaga
[ LINK] for her birthday?
– MDNA Army (@MadonnaARMY1)
March 27, 2012 [ LINK]
#giftsforgaga [LINK] A Highway
Unicorn so that she can ride it to
get the Road To Love @ billboard
[ LINK] @ LadyGaga [LINK]
– Diana LittleMonster (@
DidyLilMonster) March 28, 2012
#giftsforgaga [LINK] my virginity
MiishCalderone) March 27, 2012
Snow white’s magic mirror is a
perfect gift for Gaga. #
giftsforgaga [ LINK]
– Lynna Syazana (@Lynnabiskot)
March 28, 2012 [ LINK]
#giftsforgaga [LINK] tshirt and a
jeans…possibly even a pair of
converse kicks…:-)
– THINKSTAGE! (@ThinkstageEnt)
March 28, 2012 [ LINK]
#giftsforgaga [LINK] an AOTY
– Damon | Slut (@ExplosiveBra)
March 27, 2012 [ LINK]
#giftsforgaga [LINK] twitter.com/
hollywoodbrain… [LINK]
– hollywoodbrain (@
hollywoodbrain) March 28, 2012
#giftsforgaga [LINK] I’d give her
a shirt writing: YOU’RE A QUEEN, A
BEST! #pawsup [ LINK] @
billboard [LINK] !!!
– Raul (@Raulkul) March 28, 2012
@ billboard [LINK] A bottle oj
jameson + one of nutella #
giftsforgaga [ LINK]
– Luci Valladares (@ClassyLucii)
March 28, 2012 [ LINK]
#giftsforgaga [LINK] @ billboard
[LINK] an italian dinner with
pasta, meat balls+we’d dance all
night to BTW while drinking
whiskey and throwing cheerios
– Luci Valladares (@ClassyLucii)
March 28, 2012 [ LINK]
#giftsforgaga [LINK]A normal
hat !!
– Sleeping Giant (@
sleepinggiantgb) March 28, 2012
Putting an end to bullying. #
giftsforgaga [ LINK]
– Ally Day (@allywasherexo) March
28, 2012 [ LINK]
My hand in marriage. #
giftsforgaga [ LINK]
– Gaga’s Hooker (@
HeavyMetalGlory) March 28, 2012
#giftsforgaga [LINK] A Real Life
Unicorn… If It Existed, But
Considering They Haven’t Been
Discovered ‘Yet’… A Life Size
Replica 😀
– Wayne Fourie (@Wawi_Boy)
March 28, 2012 [ LINK]
#giftsforgaga [LINK] twitter.com/
badkidluizz_/s… [LINK]
– luizzcabrera (@badkidluizz_)
March 28, 2012 [ LINK]
@ LadyGaga [LINK] should get a
number 1 single for her birthday.
#MarryTheNight [ LINK] #
giftsforgaga [LINK].
– Justin(@CoolNEGuy) March 28,
2012 [ LINK]
I will buy Gaga some comfortable
flats. Girl needs a break once in a
while. #giftsforgaga [ LINK]
– MadBetty (@BlogMadBetty)
March 27, 2012 [ LINK]
#giftsforgaga [LINK] a copy of
Lüc Carls “The Drunk Diet”
– Freddy Gabriel (@FreddyGabrieI)
March 28, 2012 [ LINK]
For her birthday, I would get @
LadyGaga [ LINK] a magical keg
that never runs out of beer. #
giftsforgaga [ LINK]
– Andres | Prince Gaga (@
SlayPrinceGaga) March 27, 2012
I would get her a nice steak, but
she’d probably turn it into an
outfit instead of eating it. #
giftsforgaga [ LINK]
– Katie Karpowicz (@katiekarp)
March 28, 2012 [ LINK]
@ LadyGaga [LINK] #giftsforgaga
[LINK] A mermaid plush with a
studded jacket!
– Adalberto Beltran (@Betushko)
March 28, 2012 [ LINK]
Equality 🙂 #giftsforgaga [LINK]
– Alex Camenzuli (”’) (@
alexcamenzuli) March 28, 2012
A guide that makes
differentiating between fabric
and food a little easier for her. #
giftsforgaga [ LINK]
– Cray to the Zee (@WhimsyTales)
March 28, 2012 [ LINK]
a sequin beaded wig, the highest
of heels & whiskey in tea cups #
giftsforgaga [ LINK]
– carli vögel (@carlivogel) March
28, 2012 [ LINK]
#giftsforgaga [LINK] My soul.
Materials would never match all
the love I have for her. RT @
billboard [ LINK]: What would you
get @ LadyGaga [LINK] for her b-
– Cutie | Lady Gaga (@
HausOfCutie) March 28, 2012


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