Yukon dog put down after $45,000 court case spared him from euthanization

National Post | News

Trevor, a dangerous dog that was at the centre of a $45,000 court case to spare him from euthanization, has been euthanized anyway due to a terminal illness. Trevor, a Rottweiler-German Shepherd cross, was discovered by bylaw officials in a Whitehorse, Yukon in 2009. Found badly-neglected and with a chain grown into his neck, the dog was seized and turned over to a local non-profit animal shelter, who then adopted out the dog.

Within weeks, however, the new owner turned Trevor over to city authorities to be destroyed, saying he had bitten three people. Seized by the dog’s plight, local activists then staged a massive media and legal campaign for Trevor’s release, which they ultimately secured in November, 2010. As local commentators noted at the time, however, during the fight to free Trevor at least a dozen other dogs were euthanized by the city due to space concerns.

Last weekend…

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