Blair Enns: 12 Revolutionary Proclamations for Ad Agency New Business

FUEL LINES Fueling Ad Agency New Business Through Social Media

How to win new business without pitching, reclaim control of client engagements and stop giving away your thinking for free. 

My friend, John Sharpe,  has spent nearly forty years in the ad agency business and the last twenty in business development exclusively. He is a personal friend and mentor with an impressive resume. So when John tells me that he has just read one of the most influential business development books in his lifetime, he had my attention. The book John recommended, The Win Without Pitching Manifesto, written by Blair Enns. I immediately ordered a copy.

After finding the time to thoroughly digest its contents, I agree with John, this is an excellent book.  Business development is the lifeblood of any advertising agency and  this book should be a “must read” for every person in your firm.

Blair Enns,

“The forces of the creative professions are aligned against…

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