Windsor immigration lawyer charged with coaching refugees to make fake claims

National Post | News

The RCMP has charged a Windsor immigration lawyer and her assistant for allegedly counseling individuals to make refugee claims based on fake stories.

Sandra Zaher and her assistant Diana Al-Masalkhi were arrested on Thursday and charged with misrepresentation, counseling misrepresentation and fabricating evidence.

They were scheduled to appear in court April 26.

The arrests followed a two-month police investigation into allegations they had counseled foreign nationals “to make refugee eligibility claims based on fraudulent stories,” the RCMP said in a statement.


On the Zaher Immigration Law Firm website, Ms. Zaher is described as “an immigration lawyer who is committed to helping foreigners to immigrate to North America.” It says she is “sympathetic to immigrant needs in their struggle to adjust to a new way of life.”

“Sandra was born to Italian immigrant parents and married to an Arabic physician,” it says, adding she has a PhD from the University…

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