The Best Songs From the 1980’s

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The 1980’s were the without a doubt the most awesome, mullet-laden musical time in the history of rock music. It was the best time for music to strut it’s stuff, and to totally change its attitude until eighties music rocked till it dropped!

The 1980’s were a time when punk music was taking a slow fade, evolving into a totally
different form of music called new wave. Many bands ushered in the 1980’s with the best songs of their musical careers, only to ride the new wave to the crest, ending up hanging out on the beach reveling in the hot careers they created.

During this time acts that had many hits in the seventies continued on, still making hit rock songs that were awesome by themselves. It took some inspiration, a little musical genius and a willingness to change, but artists such as Bruce Springsteen with his “Dancin’ in…

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