The New Generation

iUbuntu - Crowdfunding Africans

I believe there is a new generation of entrepreneurs, artists be it hip hop to production to bboy crews, to our own fashion designers, gadget designers.

Unfortunately the conventional ways of getting this new generation funded: banks, private investors, accredited angel investors, venture capitalist are little to none in Africa and few are willing to invest on new ventures/artists in Africa.

These brilliant ideas, albums, fashion and gadgets are open and to be discovered and helped by the very people who will use their services, buy their albums/gadets and designs. You too can be funded through crowdfunding.

Let me know of your idea, let’s create a project on our crowdfunding site. But remember: Not all projects created will be funded. Not all projects that has been funded will be successful. Not all will be for profit but you will be amazed by how many companies has been successful with the…

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