Apple’s Patch for Trojan that Affects 600,000 Mac

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Apple released an update to Java bringing the version on Mac to 1.6.0_31 for Mac’s running OS X. This patch actually closes multiple vulnerabilities that were found in the previous Java version being 1.6.0_29. The most serious exploit that it patched was the allowance of malicious code to be executed by visiting a compromised website.

Users who visited a compromised website would unknowingly participate in the Flashback botnet. A Russian security firm Dr.Web claims that approximate 600,000 Mac’s have already been infected. The statistics include 19.8% in Canada, 56.6% in the US, 12% in the UK, and 6.1% in Australia with those statistics being the largest.

Apple Mac’s are not usually vulnerable to viruses in the same way that Windows machines are. There is a myth that Mac’s are immune to viruses but they simply are not. There are just a lot more viruses for Windows because there are a…

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