Comodo’s Free Site Inspector – Malware and Blacklist Detection For Website Owners

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imageComodo recently released SiteInspector, a free service which has been designed to automatically check owner operated websites on a daily basis to ensure the sites remains malware free and, has not been captured by a blacklist. If the worst happens – Comodo will immediately notify the website owner by email, so that corrective action can be taken.

Despite the fact that the free service is restricted to checking 3 pages on a domain, it’s a tool worth considering if you are a webmaster. Any free service that can help web site owners keep the malware hounds at bay – is worth considering.

You certainly don’t want a prospective visitor to see this!


Signing up for the service is a simple process, as the following screen captures indicate.

Following initial sign up you will receive a receipt notice.

Comodo Site Scanning

While on the SiteInspector screen, click on “Manage Subscriptions” ……..


to set…

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One thought on “Comodo’s Free Site Inspector – Malware and Blacklist Detection For Website Owners

  1. Policy of

    Every IP that is not known to be a source of abuse itself can be registered at
    To prevent to contain outdated informations, registration can be made for a limited time only.

    Registration is very cheap, possible registration periods are at this time:
    1 Month (22 USD), 6 Month (43 USD), 12 Month (65 USD), 24 Month (108 USD)
    Renewal is possible at any time and periods of renewals are added to the remaining period.

    Purpose of is to improve deliverability of legit emails send by registered IP’s.
    Therfore registered IP’s are excluded from neighborhood blocklists as UCEPROTECT-Level 2 and Level 3 and possibly others too.
    To prevent that abusers will deliberatley register their IP’s with we will drop every registered IP from the whitelist
    immediatley as soon as any kind of abuse is originating from it.
    Any IP is latest then seen as abusive if it gets listed in UCEPROTECT-Level 1.


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