Where Are the World’s Rudest Countries?


Ever travel to another country only to feel unwelcome, uncivilized or constantly in the way? You’re not alone. Travel website Skyscanner.com released a ranking of countries based on rudeness, and apparently, tourists can hold a grudge. According to the International Business Times, the survey generated more than 1,200 user responses and revealed some telling results. The top four rudest places for travelers were France, Russia, the U.K. and Germany.

Given its reputation for being a little snobby, it’s not so unpredictable that France took first place with nearly one-fifth of votes. “This seems to be a fairly common stereotype, albeit not one which is necessarily true,” Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner’s travel editor, told the IBT. Plus, there’s a longtime rivalry between Anglophiles and Francophiles, so that could have played a part.

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Russia and the U.K. followed France…

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