Study: CIOs May Like To Talk The Social Media Talk, But Only 10% Walk The Walk


The use of social media in the enterprise has been a path well-trod by companies using mass market tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to communicate with peers, customers, investors and anyone else who might be interested in what they’re up to. But when it comes to the most senior information executives, they’re actually a little antisocial.

According to data compiled by social software provider, only about 10 percent of CIOs in the top companies — Fortune 250 and and Global 250 — actively use public social networks. Within that group, only four CIOs write blogs, and more than one-third either do not have LinkedIn profiles, or have profiles with fewer than 100 connections.

Among the top-25 most social CIOs are a number of tech names such as SAP (whose CIO Oliver Bussmann topped the list), Google, Microsoft and IBM. The CIOs of media giant Omnicom, Royal Bank…

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