Google launches the “power of the internet” campaign


Google (s GOOG), not unexpectedly, is an opponent of any legislation that tries to change how the Internet works (as long it is to its own advantage, of course) and as such, was very vocal about the dreaded SOPA/PIPA legislations that were being foisted upon US Internet users. Thanks to our collective (and massive) hue-and-cry, the PR-sensitive politicians backtracked from those two legislations. (Here is our handy guide on SOPA & PIPA from a newbie’s perspective.)

However, as my colleague Stacey Higginbotham has been tirelessly reporting, the first battle might be over, but the war still rages on. SOPA, for instance was reborn as ACTA. Today, Google announced a new project – Take Action – that asks you to tell your story about the Internet and share it with the social web. Its whole motive: build grassroots momentum and keep the politicians on their proverbial…

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