HMTL5 Mobile Gaming Site Cellufun Is Now Tylted, Eyes Up “Substantial” Facebook Play, Virtual Goods, Ads


Facebook is banking a lot on the future of HTML5 and the idea of people going web-first instead of native-apps for their mobile content fixes, and today mobile gaming company Cellufun taking one step in its strategy to position itself as a key player in that space, too: it’s announcing that it is rebranding itself as Tylted.

Tylted — a name chosen from 30,000 entries in a competition run by Cellufun (the unnamed winner got $10,000) — says that strategy also includes the launch of a new ad platform, the expansion of its virtual good business, and — as you might expect from a social gaming company doing a lot of work in HTML — plans to do a whole lot more on Facebook’s mobile platform this calendar year.

The company today also launched a new game to kick off that virtual goods/advertising push: CuBug, it says, is a…

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