Spike Eskin Says: NBA Players Have The Right To Quit On Their Coach

CBS Philly

By Spike Eskin

There has been a lot of talk in Philadelphia that the Sixers may have quit on their coach. Doug Collins and his “non-stop-crazy-c’mon guys-why-did-you-throw-that-pass-I’m-going-to-text-you-in-the-middle-of-the-night” style has, according to some, worn the players down. There would certainly be precedent for it, as it’s happened at his previous stops Chicago, Detroit and Washington.

Whether that’s happened is not my issue. My issue is the notion that the players do not have the right to quit.

The fact that NBA players make a lot of money, have what we perceive as fun jobs, and are celebrities, does not mean they should like getting yelled at. It doesn’t mean they don’t get to have a workplace they’re comfortable with. It doesn’t mean they’re not human, and react like the rest of us do to a boss that they don’t like.

In the media, however, if an NBA player is unhappy…

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