LATEST NEWS Retailers Making Huge Revenue Through E- Commerce Stores


LATEST NEWS Retailers Making Huge Revenue Through E- Commerce Stores

When Andy Dunn helped start Bonobos five years ago, he wanted to shake up the retail industry with a men’s wear brand exclusively sold online. Now Mr. Dunn, 33, is embracing the brick-and-mortar model, striking a partnership with Nordstrom, the 111-year-old department store.

It is a symbiotic deal. Bonobos will get $16.4 million in cash and more than 100 stores to sell its clothes, while Nordstrom will get gain expertise on e-mail marketing and online branding.

“We’ve been thinking about where growth is going to come from across all retail over the next 10 years,” said Jamie F. Nordstrom, the head of and the great-grandson of the company’s founder. “And certainly square-footage growth is not where that growth is coming from.”

As consumers grow increasingly comfortable online, price-wise and technology-focused, established brick-and-mortar players and fledgling e-commerce

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