NAA members share more than 20 resources for appraising auction items

NAA News

Knowing the value of merchandise you’re auctioning gives you credibility as an Auctioneer and can play a key role in helping you streamline the auction process.

But determining the worth of certain items, especially those you don’t deal with on a regular basis, can be a challenge.

To give their counterparts a hand with what can be a lengthy research project, a couple of Auctioneers have decided to share the sources they’ve cultivated over the years to help them make a fast, accurate assessment of goods they’re selling.

Daniel P. West, of West Auctions Inc., Woodland, Calif., works with bankruptcy attorneys who represent debtors in commercial and industrial liquidations.

He made a list, available in Auctioneer magazine, of the common valuation resources he uses in order to help attorneys get an idea of the worth of various assets before they file bankruptcy petitions.

West, who conducts all of his auctions…

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