Perception/Today Records Promo Mixes + Competition Winners Blog

BBE Perception/Today Records Compilation

Our sample spotting competition for the new Perception/Today Records compilation on BBE Records has come to an end. Well done to everyone who got the question correct! To those of you who couldn’t work it out the answer was You & I by Black Ivory, as sampled by Q-Tip and Madlib – just one of many great tracks on this compilation. We’ve had lots of entries to this one but unfortunately there can be only three. Here are the winners, but even if you are unlucky this time, keep on reading because there is a treat for everyone below.

  • Tommy Berardocco
  • Adolfo Delosrios
  • Dave Shepherd

Congrats guys!

Sorry to all of you who weren’t so lucky this time around.  As a consolation surprise, BBE extraordinaires Chris Read and DJ Spinna have recorded two mixes to celebrate the compilation. Check them out below!

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