Pre-order: Organized Nature Collected, Vol. 1

Dancing and Tranced



In 2012, the Organized Nature label of legendary duo Gabriel & Dresden joined forces with Armada Music. The label, set up in 2005, has released several big classics and grew into a realm for those on the look-out for quality, forward-thinking EDM. To give you an introduction on what the Organized Nature Label is all about, we present the ‘Collected’ series.

Take a ride into the Organised Nature sound, featuring the G&D classics of ‘Tracking Treasure Down’ and ‘Arcadia’ and tunes by Josg Gabriel, Ozgur Can, Retrobyte, Deep Flexion and more!



  1. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Molly Bancroft – Tracking Treasure Down (Original Mix) (10:21)
  2. Gabriel & Dresden – Arcadia (Original Mix) (09:53)
  3. Gabriel & Dresden – Serendipity (Original Mix) (09:56)
  4. Özgur Can – Changed (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) (07:15)
  5. Gabriel & Dresden & Bassbin Twins presents Bigtop – Tidal (Original Mix) (07:53)

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