Tech Trends 2012 – Application to Twenty Two Folds

Our Google Challenge

When I was searching the Internet I came a cross a very interesting read from Deloitte. The paper was entitle Tech Trends 2012.

Within the paper were a series of topics that enlightened me, and quite frankly surprised me. Whilst reading it I kept in mind my own experiences from the Google challenge and how we are utilizing such trends in our own digital experience.

To be brief the paper identified 10 major topics:

(Re)Emerging Enablers:

  • Geo-spatial Visualization
  • Digital Identities
  • Data Goes to Work
  • Measured Innovation
  • Outside-in Architecture

Disruptive Deployments:

  • Social Business
  • Hyper-hybrid Cloud
  • Enterprise Mobility Unleashed
  • Gamification
  • User Empowerment

In the interest of time I will talk about only the relevant topics I found I could relate to and identify with in relation to the Google challenge and our client Twenty Two Folds.

Geo- Spatial Visualization: You all know those apps and programs like Facebook that can trackā€¦

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