Walking Away

Joseph DuLaney

One of the biggest challenges that a business faces is knowing when to walk away from a deal.

Yes, you heard me, walk away from business.  (I know, right now your are thinking to yourself “This crackpot has lost his mind”.)

This challenge is especially evident in the technology industry where there are multiple factors that determine a successful implementation of new technology.  Not to say that a commodity purchase doesn’t have its own challenges, however, technology places many additional layers into the fold.

So how do you know when to walk away?  When do you sit in that meeting and actually say the words to a client “At this time, I think we need to hold off.  Let’s revisit this in 6 months.”

5 signs it is time to have that conversation and walk from a deal:

1)  User experience will be compromised.  In other words, it won’t…

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