How To Make A Hollywood Blockbuster

The Embarrassment

I had the misfortune of watching another Hollywood movie last night after a week full of misery in which I had to combat other egregious Hollywood movies. I swore never to watch one again. I swore, cursed, kicked ass and even called names and yet I found myself slowly being seeped back into the cinema hall like a relapsing drug addict. There is something remarkably sanguine about these money loaded abominations, but I think I’ve cracked the code. And now I present to you, how to make a Hollywood blockbuster:

Ignore the script
Ignore the script, but it is important that you have one. Now some of you might consider it moot to have a script and not use it but there is a reason you need one; It helps to pacify the critics, all they need to see is credit given to a script writer in the rolling credits…

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