So… want to watch Uncharted?

Andrew Beeken

Make no mistake, I think that Sony’s Uncharted trilogy is one of the best, most technically impressive games of this generation. In an age where (I personally think) games are showing less and less innovation, where companies are happy to churn out carbon copy games annually (Call of Duty anyone?), it takes a game with a decent, engaging story to keep me hooked. And Uncharted delivers that in spades.

Across three stories we’re introduced to a cast of characters we genuinely come to care about, participate in adventures in a scale ripped straight from the likes of Indiana Jones. The game itself developed over the course of the three titles into a slick third person action shooter, but the charm of the series, for me, was its cinematic scenes. Using motion capture, they’ve truly set a high bar for what you could consider to be an interactive movie.

And now…

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