Worst Resumes Ever: ‘Please Explain Your Rationale for the Rainbow’

It’s recruiting season on Wall Street. Which means that its time for the annual tradition of a few would-be Wall Streeters humiliating themselves with ill-advised attempts to stand out in a crowded field of job-seekers. The tradition stretches back at least as far as Alexy Vayner, the Yale undergraduate who included a jaw-dropping self-promotional video , entitled “Impossible is Nothing,” with his resume. Vayner set the standard quite high. To really achieve greatness in this matter, your mistakes must be both humiliating and funny. And you need a catchphrase. This year’s early entrant for the prize of Most Embarrassing Application goes to “Matthew.” In an email obtained by Business Insider (which, let’s face it, means “an email sent in by the guy doing the hiring”), Matthew somehow manages to misunderstand what it means to add “color” to his resume. The catchphrase: “Please explain your rationale for the rainbow.” We’re using it as a way of calling out every foolish thing anyone does.


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