Ryan VP Pick Changes Electoral Math

CBS Philly

The Buck Starts Here

W. Mitt Romney’s vice presidential selection, Paul Ryan, has changed the Electoral College math.

Prior to the selection of Ryan, it was an open question if Romney could help himself with certain groups of voters. For example, Hispanics.

There was a lot of pressure for Romney to tap Marco Rubio, the Cuban-American Senator from Florida, because Romney is losing the Hispanic vote big time.

Instead Romney went another direction.

In doing so he has locked in the Obama lead with Hispanic voters. That makes it nearly impossible for Romney to win the battle ground states of Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico where Hispanics are a significant percentage of the vote.

When combined with Ryan’s desire to replace Medicare with a couponing scheme, Florida is likely gone as well.

Paul Ryan and W. Mitt Romney had been on a bro-mantic tour of swing states. Over the weekend Team Romney tossed some…

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