The British Royals Aren’t Even Billionaires

The British royals may be the most watched family in Britain, but they are by no means the richest, according to new data. An analysis by Wealth-X, the global wealth research firm, states that her Majesty, the Queen has a net worth of at least $510 million. The Times of London’s Rich List has also put the Queen at around $500 million, and says she receives a stipend of $12.9 million a year. (Some of her holdings include stud farms, a fruit farm, and one of the world’s largest stamp collections, started by her grandfather). NET WORTH OF THE BRITISH ROYAL LINE Name Net Worth (US $ million) Rank in Line of Succession Queen Elizabeth II $510 Reigning Monarch Prince Charles $210 1 Prince Andrew $75 4 Prince Edward $45 7 Princess Anne $30 10 Source: Wealth-X Prince Charles is worth about $210 million, while Prince William is worth a mere $19 million, according to Wealth-X. Robert Frank CNBC Reporter & Editor Granted, the net worth numbers don’t include the possible inheritance of the Crown Jewels and the Royal Collection. But even with a combined net worth of around $870 million, the Royals Still, the family as a whole doesn’t even crack the top 20 richest families in Britain. Said Myklos D. Rambus, CEO of Wealth-X, “The fact that the combined wealth of the top 14 members only reached $1 billion reflects what has been suspected for some time: new wealth is overtaking old wealth in Britain.”


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