YC-Backed Kamcord Helps Record And Share Those Epic Mobile Gaming Moments


Mobile games have grown to the point where players can dive into an immersive world or rack up high scores in just a few minutes from any platform. But trying to share those standout moments with others can be problematic.

Big numbers, virtual badges, and achievements all lack a sense of context, and a way for other people to know exactly how good you are. After all, what good is nabbing a high score when you can’t show off how you nearly destroyed your fingers getting it?

That’s where YC-backed Kamcord comes in. The brainchild of MIT alumni Kevin Wang, Aditya Rathnam, and CEO Matt Zitzmann, Kamcord aims to help mobile gamers easily record and share their exploits via a free SDK available to iOS game developers.

The real beauty of Kamcord is that players don’t actually have to do anything to make it work. All it takes to generate…

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