Does Hollywood Discriminate Against Darker Skinned Actresses? [AUDIO]

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Tune in to a brand new episode of “Cinema in Noir” for the latest in film news hosted by ReBecca Theodore-Vachon, with special guest hosts Arturo R. Garcia ( and Daryle Lockhart (Black Box Office).  Our topics include:


(11:30 mark) COLORISM IN HOLLYWOOD–The African-American community is divided over the news of Zoe Saldana being tapped to play Nina Simone in an upcoming biopic.  Is there such a thing as not being “black enough” to play certain movie roles?  Were darker skinned black actresses overlooked in the casting process?

(37:00 mark) DC vs. Marvel Movie Franchise War–With the “Dark Knight” trilogy ended and the Superman reboot “Man of Steel” planned for 2013, should DC pursue a “Justice League” movie? Why can’t Marvel get a “Black Panther” movie off the ground?


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