Gaming love at first sight – Darksiders 2


Yesterday I was present at my local GAME store’s (@GAMEStafford on Twitter) first major event! When I first heard about the plans for a hands on with Darksiders 2, I was over the Moon with excitement. I loved the original title, but nothing could prepare me for sheer amount of new content in the sequel. Even in the half an hour’s worth of playtime it was very clear this is a very different beast of a game. Loot is found from almost every enemy you encounter in the (absolutely massive) game world and each has their own stats and effects. The original was a great action RPG, this is an amazing action RPG!

I will no doubt write up my thoughts of the game after I get a bit more time with it and/or I can peel myself away from it. The game launches here in the UK tomorrow (21/08/12)…

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