Mind Sieve 8/20/12

Gloria Oliver

Another Monday!!!! Will we survive?!

Fan Fun

The Colors of Evil – and adorable short film by Phillip Simon and Alyse Miller. What fun!

One Direction – One Thing Parody from The Key of Awesome

The Citadel Trailer – looks like a super creepy horror film. Eek!

The Moth Diaries Trailer – more horror spooky stuff.

Partysaurus Rex” Toy Story Toon Preview. Old bubble bath time! Woot!

Hit And Run Official Trailer – car chases and comedy!


Author Platform/Social Media

“I Tried FaceBook, It Didn’t Work” and Other Ways Authors Mistake Social Media For Publicity from We Grow Media.


An Author Platform Built On SPAM is Doomed to Fail from Kristen Lamb.

Writing Advice

The Importance Of Reading The Fine Print from The Writer’s Guide To E Publishing.


From Chuck (NSFW) Wendig – 25 Things You Should Know About Metaphor.

As always, I hope…

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